Everything you need to know as a tipper about the size of your bets

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How high do you actually have to place bets to win money? In this article we will discuss this topic, only marginally touching on the topic of financial strategies as such.

What do you basically understand by betting stakes?

So we allocate a certain amount of our finances for betting. At this moment, beginners usually ask themselves exactly the question that we asked in the title. How much of the pot should be bet? How high should the stake be? If you state the problem like this to an experienced player, they will tell you that there is not enough information, not enough input. It is absolutely nonsensical to say that you want to make a net profit with a stake of 1 million without specifying the starting conditions and the distance. The question of the best and optimal size of the inserts should therefore be answered with reference to many parameters.

How high does the percentage of the bankroll have to be for a bet?

set bets

If we abstract from specific amounts and look at percentages, the size of the bets can vary between 0.1% and 100% of the game stake. One of the extremes is the bet with the entire bank. It is clear that this approach is practiced by players in an unstable psychological state, when they urgently need to win again. Of course, nothing good can come from such losses. We can see that absolutely any bet, no matter how confident we are in it, can lose. And it doesn’t matter whether the odds are 2.00 or 4.00. The reason for the loss may not even be an error in forecasting, but a banal force majeure. Therefore, it makes no sense to risk the entire bankroll at once.

Since it is nonsense to bet the entire amount of the bankroll on bets on websites, we should opt for a smaller amount. The following variant of the bank division can be called average or optimal. The deposit is divided into 10 to 20 equal parts, each from 10% to 5%. With such a percentage, the player is much more protected from losing due to a negative series of bets. Playing with 5-10% of the bank is much safer, and the full turnover is not as long. This stake level can therefore be viewed as optimal and balanced for medium-sized banks. Again it’s about the real value of money.

Betting with stakes of 1-3% of the bankroll is low-risk; this is what a typical betting strategy with flat stakes looks like. If you play flat, the dependence on negative streaks is reduced to almost zero. From this we can also draw the logical conclusion that it is reasonable to play with small percentage bets only when there is a large bank. For the same few weeks, a month, such small bets can make no more than 1-2 full turnover of the deposit.

Can you set bets variably?

set bets

Not in all strategies the size of the bets or their increase according to the rules of overtaking is the same. There are variants in which the amount of the bet depends on the odds or is varied freely, depending on confidence in the result. For example, a more confident bet is assigned 5%, and some seemingly favorable odds, but very adventurous, no more than 0.5-2%. Basically, such strategies are used by experienced players who have built their own scale of confidence. Beginners are better off playing according to stricter algorithms, where the size of the steps is strictly regulated. This avoids the temptation to violate the strategy.

The larger the player’s bench, the lower the raise percentage he can be happy with. So it is possible to bet with a small percentage to achieve maximum security. The smaller the bank and the shorter the distance chosen, the larger the bets must be. Strategies are becoming riskier and more aggressive. Finding the golden mean, the optimal size, is an individual matter.

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